Tesla’s Design Fails: Surprising Features That May Disappoint Buyers

A popular video has sparked hundreds of comments from supporters, detractors, and impartial parties. The topic: two distinct Tesla functions in operation. Below are embedded links to the video and comments. Let’s discuss the two Tesla characteristics that have been dubbed complete busts by some.

Is the Tesla function of swiping to shift good or bad?

“Swipe to shift” is the first feature mentioned about Tesla. While a Tesla Model 3 is seen in the viral video, other Tesla models also have “swipe to shift” functionality. The Cybertruck is included in this.

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The driving mode strip will show up on one side of the touchscreen when you press the brake pedal while your Tesla is parked, according to the user manuals. After that, you may shift the car using the driving mode strip. To shift gears, swipe upwards for Drive, downwards for Reverse, or press the P or N keys for Park or Neutral. To access the drive mode strip, swipe from the touchscreen’s edge in the direction of the passenger.

image courtesy: Tesla

We can understand how using a screen to swipe through content may be a little distracting. For many people, muscle memory is all it takes to locate their shifter. The topic of discussion immediately shifts to the advantages and safety of digital dashboards over tactile controls.

There is an additional gearbox on Teslas. The driver can shift by pushing buttons on an overhead dashboard located above the rearview mirror.

Are the turn signal buttons on the steering wheel of Tesla vehicles a good or negative feature?

The location of the turn signal is another prominent Tesla element. On Tesla vehicles, the turn signals are situated on the steering wheel’s face. Other automakers’ infotainment controls, like call and volume buttons, are located here.

In the video, a Tesla driver is seen applying transparent adhesive dots to the steering wheel. Without taking your eyes off the road, you may feel the dots more readily, and they function nearly like braille.

The video illustrates how challenging it might be to turn on the turn signals while driving, particularly if the wheel has already turned.

Similar to how technology is changing, people either accepted the critique or agreed with the video.One person raised the point that something isn’t always awful just because it’s created differently.

We tend to agree with the commentator that new technology shouldn’t be instantly written off as long as features are really helping the driver and guaranteeing the safety of everyone in and around the automobile.

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